Sammy Watkins Injury: Buffalo Bills Receiver In Trouble For Talking About Rib Injury

Sammy Watkins has returned from a rib injury and was back at practice on Monday, but the Buffalo Bills wide receiver is in a bit of hot water after sharing details of his injury.

Watkins hurt his ribs in the first quarter of the team’s second preseason game, against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He remained out of this week’s game, a loss to the Atlanta Falcons, and for nine days stayed out of action.

During his absence, Watkins admitted to reporters that he could have been on the field if his team really needed him.

“I’m fine, I could go out there and practice if I need to,” Watkins said Tuesday, via Mike Rodak of “But the thing is doing it without pain, but I could play a full game right now. It’s just being safe.”

The statement didn’t exactly go over well with Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone, who said the No. 4 overall pick has a lot to learn about gamesmanship in the NFL.


“I told Sammy that you can’t talk about injuries,” Marrone said after the team’s third preseason game. “That’s what gets you in a bind and it doesn’t make us look good when you start saying those things. The doctor, at the end of the day, said he couldn’t play.”

But on Monday coach Doug Marrone said that Sammy Watkins was able to practice without limitations. He is now expected to be back in time for Week 1 of the regular season, though could likely remain on the sidelines for the team’s final preseason game.

The same can’t be said of the entire Bills team. Marrone said after a string of poor offensive performances, the team may need to have its starters play more than usual in their final preseason game.

It’s likely that Sammy Watkins will still be exempt from playing.