Spoilers For ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Episode 5: Another Early Departure Ahead As A Relationship Falls Apart

Fans were left hanging Monday night when Bachelor in Paradise ended. Luckily, viewers don’t have to wait an entire week to see what comes next, as a new episode airs Tuesday night. Just what goes down? There are plenty of Bachelor in Paradise spoilers available regarding episode 5, but this show has proven that there are always surprises ahead as well.

As Zap2It notes, at the end of Monday’s episode, Michelle Money told Graham Bunn details regarding the big blowout between Clare Crawley and AshLee Frazier. Graham was not impressed by what AshLee had done, and he admitted he had a lot to think about. The rose ceremony started, and naturally AshLee called Graham for her rose. Then, viewers watched as he walked out and Michelle followed him. Will he really reject AshLee’s rose?

Episode 5 of Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesday, and obviously it will pick up with Graham, Michelle, and AshLee. Does he really reject her rose? According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, things won’t be that dramatic. Apparently Graham walked out because he was feeling sick, but he does come back and he does accept AshLee’s rose. Ultimately Kalon McMahon and Marquel Martin will be leaving in that rose ceremony.

As for the next set of dates, Reality Steve’s previous Bachelor in Paradise spoilers note that Lucy Aragon and Christy Hansen will show up to mix things up. Apparently both ladies will ask Zack Kalter out on a date, but he says no to both women. Then, they both turn to Jesse Kovacs, who accepts both dates. Michelle Money and Cody Sattler will spend some quality time together too.

Of course, there will be plenty of drama coming up throughout the show, as previous Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have indicated. Clare Crawley will have second thoughts about her relationship with Zack, and the drama with AshLee surely took a toll on her too. Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that she will choose to leave the show on her own before the rose ceremony.

Once the rose ceremony for episode 5 finally rolls around, viewers will see Marcus give his rose to Lacy while Graham will offer his to AshLee. Zack then gives his to Jackie, and Cody presents his rose to Michelle. Robert gives his to Sarah, which means Jesse is left with the two new gals. Though viewers will have to tune in to see how his dates with them went, it seems he gives his rose to Christy rather than Lucy.

It sounds like all the drama will come up early on in the episode, and the rose ceremony will likely be pretty tame when all is said and done. While romantic sparks are flying for some, dramatic sparks are flying between others. With Clare gone will AshLee settle down and just be herself? Will some of the relationships flying under the radar turn into something substantial? Tune in to Bachelor in Paradise airing on Tuesday, August 26 to see how all of the drama plays out.

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