Two Chicago Teens Fatally Shot By Police In Separate Incidents

As the police teen shooting situation in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri, remained tense Sunday and final preparations were made for the funeral of Michael Brown, a teen who was shot to death by police while unarmed, two more Chicago teens were also shot dead by police in separate incidents. The Chicago teens, however, unlike Brown, were reportedly armed, both of them refusing to drop their guns and pointing them at officers, reports Reuters.

Regardless, as evidenced via a web page saying “F**k the police” and Twitter posts, whether the two teens were armed or not, many are seething over the shootings and people are gathering to demand full investigations and police transparency regarding the police teen shootings:


The first shooting occurred when gang enforcement officers arrived on a block in Chicago’s west side in response to reports of some “armed men.” One of the men attempted to escape as police made contact with the group, the fleeing teen suspect taking off into a passageway while at the same time pulling a handgun from his waist band, according to a police report.

Police spokesman, Pat Camden, said the suspect then ran up the back stairway of a building. When police ordered him to drop his gun, he instead pointed it at an officer, at which point police shot him.

The teen suspect died from the shooting and has been identified as Roshad McIntosh, 19, of Chicago, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.

Not long after, more gunfire erupted on a south side Chicago street, believed to be a shooting exchange between opposing groups. Police responding to the scene arrived to have one of the suspects, who turned out to be a teen, point his gun at them, leading to the same result as the earlier incident, with police first ordering the suspect to drop the gun, him refusing, and police opening fire. This second teen suspect also died after the shooting encounter with police.

“If you point a gun at a policeman, I guarantee you will get shot,” said the police union spokesman, Camden, who said the deceased suspect was believed to be 17, and the police that responded to the initial shooting were first year officers on foot patrol.


The identity of the 17-year-old was not divulged.

The Huffington Post reports that police recovered a handgun from the site of McIntosh’s shooting and, as with the Michael Brown shooting, some community members who assembled in the area had a very different version than police of how events unfolded, including that McIntosh was actually complying with police before being shot.

Approximately 50 people rallied Monday near the scene of the shooting as heavy storms raged around them in the rainy afternoon.

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