Watch As This Tiny Kitten ‘Mauls’ A Friendly Full Grown Pit Bull, Absolutely Adorable [Video]

If this kitten doesn’t strike the fear into you, I don’t know what will. Earnestine, the 2-month-old gray tabby kitten, can be seen clawing, biting and fighting a 4-year-old pit bull mix named Gertude in what can only be described as an adorable attack effort. It is obvious that Earnestine didn’t get the memo that pit bulls are notoriously “dangerous,” because she sure doesn’t look too scared.

Gertude is obviously a peace-loving pit and, as you can see by her lack of care about the crazy kitten, doesn’t seem to mind being “mauled” by the little bundle of fur. YouTube user Carla Zanoni uploaded the video just 10 days ago and has already received over 151,000 hits. The cuteness meter on the video does score high; in fact, it ranks right there alongside two rescue pit bulls meet in a photobooth.

According to Carla, Earnestine the kitten and Gertude the pit bull just recently became room mates. It appears this may be a one-sided relationship for the pair. I think Gertude may need a bodyguard in the house. For the entire 54 second video, Gertude never even bats an eye at the kitten as it gnaws viciously at her nose. In fact, I am not sure the pit bull could even feel those tiny claws and teeth digging into her.


What do you think of the extremely passive Gertude? A pushover or simply a good houseguest? What about Earnestine the kitten? Is he just downright vicious, or is it just viciously adorable? Do you think we have another 911 call over a crazy cat attack in the making?