Amber Marchese Reveals ‘Absolute Shock’ Over Rino’s Affair On ‘RHONJ’

Amber Marchese has been filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey for a couple of months, but she has been trying to stay out of the drama. Her husband has been very vocal about getting too close to Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe, because he works with the prosecutor who is going after them for mortgage fraud.

But on yesterday’s episode of the show, Amber told viewers that she was her own person. Marchese decided to hang out with Teresa Giudice and Victoria Gotti one night, and Gotti was quick to start talking about her dear friend, Rino. Of course, Angelo “Rino” Aprea is married to Teresa Aprea, who is also new to the Housewives franchise. And Gotti had some interesting gossip for these ladies. Amber was quickly sucked into drama that her husband wanted to stay out of.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Amber Marchese is now revealing how she felt after hearing Victoria Gotti’s story that her friend’s husband had cheated. But it wasn’t so much the cheating that shocked her. Amber even guessed that the other woman was Teresa’s own sister, Nicole, though she was shocked when Gotti revealed that it was the twins’ own mother who Rino had slept with.

“You can see my absolute shock when I was told this,” Amber Marchese reveals. “I remember feeling a range of feelings: Was this joke on me? Was this a test to see what I would do with the information? Was this Rino just spouting out stupidity?”

Marchese goes on to explain that she was waiting for a comment from Gotti, where she revealed that this was all a joke. But that comment never came, leaving Marchese in shock.

But Amber Marchese isn’t the only person who has spoken out about this rumor. According to The Inquisitr, Nicole Napolitano revealed earlier today that Victoria was just looking for airtime on the show. Nicole was disgusted with the comments, but didn’t deny that the affair happened. Perhaps, she just assumed that viewers would know it was gossip.

Of course, Amber Marchese could relish the fact that she knows this rumor. She and Nicole did not get along during the first couple of episodes and just recently sat down to work through these issues. This kind of damaging rumor could truly squash all chances of them working things out and moving forward as friends.

What do you think Amber Marchese will do with this information? Do you think she will bring it back to the twins or keep it to herself?

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