TNA News: What Network Will TNA End Up On Once Their Deal Expires With Spike TV?

For some time now, speculation has been that TNA and Spike TV would not be partners come 2015. TNA has not been a ratings success for Spike, and it is said that the network is getting out of the wrestling game due to the lack of success TNA brought them. They could even be done with MMA if Bellator does not improve soon. TNA claimed that they had interested parties if Spike were to drop them, which many thought to be weird. There would be no other major network interested in most eyes, so what network would take TNA at this current period?

Yesterday word came out that TNA does have a network to go to and a deal on the table, but the network was said to not be a major one. Truth be told, it is not. TNA was offered a deal by Discovery Network’s VELOCITY Channel. The network is only available in 48 million homes in America, and is only available in HD. Channels only in HD used to hurt the success of the network early on, but due to the rise of televisions being HD, the issue is now nonexistent. However, only being available for 48 million people to see is an issue.

Obviously, TNA would have loved to have gotten a deal with the parent company, Discovery Channel. Discovery is available in every cable package, including the lower packages, which means more people can see it. However, their VELOCITY network is new and lacks the success it needs to be available for all cable companies and packages.

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Also, due to the issue financially with the network not quite being a success, the deal TNA would sign with VELOCITY is said to be a quarter of what their Spike TV deal was for.

TNA officials are relieved that no matter what, they do have a network. The problem is that due to the American TV deal being so low, they will still have issues financially and will not be able to keep a lot of their main talent without going into more debt. Panda Energy has already begun putting a cap on spending, which means the company is not in a good position if they cannot sign big names.

The other issue TNA faces is that once they do end up signing with VELOCITY, they may just be able to survive. They will lose their major stars because TNA will not want to pay them well. Due to the fact TNA lacks the ability to create stars, they will run into an issue of marketing someone eventually. At the end of the day, a new network will not save TNA. It only helps keeps it on life support for a short period of time. TNA still has a lot to improve on before we can call them safe.

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