Young Jeezy Arrested: Assault Rifle Found During Wiz Khalifa Concert Shooting Investigation

Young Jeezy has been arrested after police found an assault rifle on his tour bus on Sunday. According to TMZ, police obtained a search warrant and found the rifle on Sunday, just two days after a deadly shooting backstage at Wiz Khalifa’s concert in Mountain View, California. Jeezy is being held on $1 million bail, and several other members of his “entourage” have also been arrested, though it’s unclear what their connections to the case might be. Jeezy was on tour with Khalifa at the time of the shooting.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a 38-year-old man was shot and killed at the concert on Friday night. While the shooter was previously at large, it sounds like police have a lead in the case. Interestingly enough, the description of the suspect seems to match perfectly (though he is said to be 5’9″).

“Mountain View Police spokeswoman Shino Tanaka told reporters that police are looking for a black male in his mid-20s in connection with the shooting. The suspected gunman is between 5’6″ and 5’8″ tall and was wearing a black shirt, white pants, and a red baseball hat.”

Young Jeezy (his real name is Jay Wayne Jenkins) has not been charged in the murder directly, however. According to NBC News, he has been brought up on a weapons charge. It is possible that he could be charged with murder if police connect him directly and have enough evidence to prove that he actually pulled the trigger.

“Mountain View police said Jeezy was detained only on suspicion of possession of illegal weapons and stressed that no arrests have been made in connection with the shooting death of Eric Johnson.”


Jenkins is due in court tomorrow morning. It is unknown if any additional charges will be brought against him when he goes in front of a judge. It is also unclear if his bail will be met. If he posts bail, he will be a free man.

At this point in time, it’s unknown why Johnson was killed or if he was actually the intended target. There were reportedly several people backstage at the time of the shooting, though it is unknown how many people police held for questioning after the incident. Police have not said if they have any leads or if they are closer to finding the prime suspect and motive — could it be because they have already found the shooter? It’s very possible.

[Photo courtesy of This Is 50]