Optus fails to deliver on Australian iPhone plans

iPhone pricing plans from Optus, one of the three Australian telco’s offering Apple’s iPhone July 11, have been revealed today, and local users won’t be happy.

iPhone in Australia has all the details here. Some of the highlights:

A 8G iPhone 3G from Optus will cost $0 on a $79 AUD (around $74 USD) cap plan over 24 months which includes $550 of calls, text and more, plus (in Optus’ words) “a whopping 700MB of included mobile data.”

700mb. Whopping. I’m Speechless.

Here’s the run down on the various post-paid plans

Don’t want a plan? 8GB iPhone 3G (Black)= $729, 16GB iPhone 3G (Black or White)= $849.

The thing I can’t work out: Optus offers unlimited data to Blackberry users on a $79.95/ month plan, or if you’re buying the unlimited data separately, $39.95. I know this because I tried to get my existing 2G iPhone on the plan and they wouldn’t allow me to do so, leaving me instead on a $29.95/ mth data plan of 200mb a month. Not a lot I know, but when the 2G iPhone only connects over GPRS at 36kbps, it’s enough…only just.

Telstra and Vodafone are yet to announce their plans, but with Vodafone known for their aggressive pricing you’d expect something a lot more appealing than this rubbish from Optus.

(via Andrew Sayer)