Linkin Park Intentionally Scared Off Their Fans

Linkin Park’s bassist Mike Shinoda seems to be the most outspoken member of the band. The Inquisitr has been reporting on Linkin Park a lot lately, simply because of some controversial thing Shinoda did or said. He called the band CHVRCHES “Disney music” and criticized “click bait” journalism, to name a few. This week in Linkin Park news is no different. Shinoda has publicly admitted that Linkin Park purposefully lost some of their fans in order to allow Linkin Park to move in a new direction.

Shinoda met with The Huffington Post to talk about Linkin Park’s new album, The Hunting Party, and the direction the band is going. It seems that Linkin Park has maintained its success by changing the genre of their music over the past few years, evolving beyond the rap-rock style of their hit debut album Hybrid Theory and moving into a heavier, electric sound.

The bassist for Linkin Park spoke to HuffPostLive and said the band intentionally switched things up to get rid of fans who only wanted to listen to the style of their first two albums. This way, Linkin Park could move forward and change their sound as they pleased without constantly worrying about disappointing the Linkin Park fan base.

“We’re still growing,” said Shinoda. “We’re not stagnant at all. We’re not going to make the same album every time, so don’t even expect it. We lost fans along the way intentionally. We intentionally let them go. We said, ‘If that’s all you guys want to listen to, we made two albums for you. You’ve got those two albums and you can always listen to those. If you decide to come along for the ride, though, the good news is that there’s going to be a lot of fun surprises.”


It seems Linkin Park’s shift toward electronic and DJ influences have paid off. According to Somerville, Linkin Park gave fans their money’s worth at their recent show at the Xfinity Center this past Saturday. But it’s possible that Linkin Park hasn’t completely abandoned their old fans, because they blended their set with new and old songs.

“The new tunes fit in superbly with the rest of the set, which was derived from all periods of [Linkin Park’s] career, going back to their 2000 debut ‘Hybrid Theory’.”

Linkin Park’s latest album The Hunting Party was released in June and reached the number three spot on the charts. Reviews of the album were mixed but mostly positive.