New Aerial Footage Proves Hamas Fired Rockets From Gaza Hospital [Video]

Addam Corré

As the war in Gaza continues between Israel and the Palestinians, with Hamas raining more than 120 rockets and mortars on Israeli villages and cities only today, it seems like a ceasefire might never happen.

One of the main contentions of the current conflict has been the allegations that Hamas, which is classified as a terrorist organization by some countries, fires large numbers of its rockets from schools, mosques, and hospitals. The fact that these missiles have no guidance systems is an automatic war crime because of the random nature of the targets. The current war was triggered over a month ago when Hamas bombarded the Jewish State indiscriminately with rockets and mortars.

Those allegations have now been proved conclusively by Israel, which released a video today on YouTube with aerial footage clearly showing that rockets were fired from a medical center.

In the video, which you can see above, concealed rocket launchers are indicated by a yellow triangle and are clearly located directly adjacent to the Gaza medical center, which is highlighted in red.

Sites near to where the rockets were fired are indicated in blue, and include the Salah Halaf and Ibn Sina schools, where displaced Gazans are staying, and on the other side a soccer field and a Hamas courthouse. All of these places are civilian areas, and Hamas fires rockets from them.

The footage shows Hamas rockets being fired from inside the medical center on Saturday, which targeted the Shfela central region in Israel, located between Jerusalem and the coast.

The Israeli Defense Forces took out the launchers with pinpoint strikes on Sunday, after the occupants of the relevant buildings and structures were warned by Israel to evacuate.

Further proof that Hamas not only uses its own hospitals as rocket launching sites, but also as a storage place for weapons, is the the fact of the rockets seen exploding in the video -- circled in red -- which opens such sites up to Israeli retaliatory strikes.

The world media and the U.N. have been very reticent in their response to this information. They appear reluctant to issue condemnations and resolutions against the terrorists of Hamas for firing rockets on Israeli civilians from their own hospitals.

They simply cannot grasp the concept that, while Israel uses it's rockets to protect its civilian population, Hamas uses its civilian population to protect its rockets. This was proved when the IDF recently found a Hamas operational handbook in which this cynical tactic was clearly stated.

The words "human shields" are much overused, and not entirely accurate in the sense that many of these "shields" do so voluntarily and happily. Israel usually issues advance warnings about locations it is going to bomb, but sometimes those who could flee simply remain, thus putting themselves in harm's way.