'Shutter Island' TV Series To Bring Martin Scorsese Thriller To Your Living Room

A Shutter Island TV series is on its way, bringing the Martin Scorsese thriller beyond the role that Leonardo DiCaprio brought to life. The film was about a detective trying to investigate strange happenings at a mental hospital... or so we thought at first.

The big twist is what makes the disturbing thriller such an instant classic, and it's unknown if a similar twist is going to happen in the TV series. It may have also been one of the first times you saw Avengers star Mark Ruffalo in a major motion picture, and didn't know it.

While the film made Leonardo DiCaprio's character go on a wild ride through his own mind, the upcoming series will go beyond his story and explore possibly the early inmates who made it necessary.

HBO and Paramount Pictures are behind this expansion of the thriller, and the writer behind the original film, Dennis Lehane, is also penning the script for Scorcese's new series. We can expect all of the same elements we loved from the 2010 film, although the gore level will probably be turned down for a wider audience.

The upcoming Shutter Island TV series is currently going by the name of the facility, Ashcliffe, and will delve into the history behind the hospital. We might see cases similar to the film as they develop a system for people who have proven to be a danger to everyone around them. That was the reason behind the facility, basically a mental hospital based around the idea of Alcatraz.

Ashcliffe received its notoriety as a place that can only be accessed via a ferry, so escape was impossible without advanced notice.

It is unknown who will play the main roles such as Doctor Cawley (Ben Kingsley in the film) or any of the supporting roles. Perhaps we might get a cameo or two by Leonardo DiCaprio or Mark Ruffalo?

Are you excited to see the new Shutter Island TV series, known for now as Ashcliffe?

[image via Styleblazer]