‘Duck Dynasty’: A&E Slapped With Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Over Camo Slogan

Duck Dynasty is in a spot of trouble after a lawsuit was filed against A&E for trademark infringement.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it all started when Uncle Si made a comment about loving camouflage. “My favorite color is camouflage” he said, and that saying made its way on to shirts of all kinds. The problem? A company called Hajn sells items with a very similar slogan which they have trademarked.

“A&E has merchandising deals with Sears, Walmart, Kohl’s, Sports Authority and Target. The deal with Walmart is said to have generated $400 million for A&E last year alone. A&E used Robertson’s ‘My favorite color is camo’ line on clothing, states the complaint.”

The Duck Dynasty franchise makes loads of money off of merchandising, but that aspect of business wouldn’t make or break their success. However, A&E will likely want to settle the lawsuit, and ensure that they don’t receive any additional negative press. Of course it’s unclear exactly what Hajn is requesting, but chances are shirts that say “my favorite color is camouflage” will be pulled from store shelves soon.

“A&E is now being sued for trademark infringement and unfair competition. The plaintiff demands an injunction and an unspecified amount of monetary damages.”

In other Duck Dynasty news, a significant ratings drop has people wondering if the show will be canceled. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Robertsons have been offered plenty of other opportunities outside of their reality television show that would afford them another income stream. Of course, money isn’t really a concern of theirs, anyway — they make plenty of money from their duck call business — but hey, who can ever have enough money?


According to FOX News, Willie and Korie Robertson aren’t too worried about the ratings drop or the show getting cancelled. They feel that it’s just the season.

“To some extent it’s a natural cycle of any show. You have ups and you have downs… [This season] was aired in the summer which is when not as many people are watching TV. Those things affect it. It’s about what you’re up against too so a lot of factors play into that. We just do what we do…I mean it’s the top show on cable. I think anybody would kill to have a top show on cable, you know, for one night of the week so we feel like it’s not as bad [as people say].”

Fans of Duck Dynasty don’t think that the show is going to get cancelled either. Do you?

[Photo courtesy of A&E / Art Streiber]