Chloe Sevigny Mourns New York City, Calls East Village ‘A Frat House’

Alert the presses because actress Chloe Sevigny, who became a popular voice of a generation in the grunge cult classic Kids, is mourning the current state of New York City. Anyone who has visited New York City recently knows that it’s a far cry from the scene back in the 90s, but Sevigny’s soul aching over how much it has changed.

Speaking with The Daily Beast, the actress who was considered a scene kid in the 90s, is over it and is really upset about what the East Village has turned into. Speaking to the gentrification of New York City, Sevigny said:

“Walking around the East Village, I just want to cry at the state of it. There are so many f—in’ jocks everywhere! It’s like a frat house everywhere. I don’t know if it’s a sign of the times, but where are the real weirdos? The real outcasts? They’re a vanishing breed here. Maybe New York isn’t drawing that anymore because it’s too expensive.”

Chloe does have a point. Back in 2013 the Wall Street Journal reported that New York City’s average rent is $3,017 a month. When you compare that price to the average $1,000 elsewhere that’s an enormous jump. Additionally more than one in five New Yorkers is below the poverty line.

Funny enough, Sevigny now feels like she’s finally found a place to call home. The place she considers her home base now, Park Slope, is known for hosting a huge influx of hipsters in Brooklyn. Despite that or maybe because of that alone, Chloe is digging it.

“I didn’t want to live in ‘hip’ Brooklyn, so I moved out to the dorkiest, hokiest neighborhood — Park Slope — and I’m really feeling the vibes out there.”

Another thing she isn’t really impressed by are the so-called “fashion goths.”

“That’s what I call “Fashion Goths.” You see these kids walking on the street and think, “Oh, look at that Goth kid,” and then you realize it isn’t a Goth kid, it’s just a “Fashion Goth” who’s dressed as a Goth kid. It’s so disparaging.”


That said, the actress is still trying to keep a positive spirit about New York City and hopes mayor De Blasio brings more of a balance to real estate.

Do you agree with Chloe Sevigny’s assessments of the frat house theory and the wannabe scene kids?

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