Mystery Sea Creature Found: Mysterious Red 'Blob' Washes Ashore On Beach

Heather Tooley

A mystery sea creature washed ashore on Mudjimba Beach on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Daily Mail reports that the red blob creature was found Monday morning by Debbie Higgs. She walks the beach every day.

As the report indicates, the blob-like marine animal has no ribbing, limbs, eyes, or mouth. Deckled edges surround its frame and isn't something that looks familiar. It's safe to assume it's not a plant and feels spongy like a jelly fish to the touch, Ms. Higgs says. She shares that the mysterious creature is "cold and rather smelly." She didn't know what it was, but snapped a few photos of it and posted them on Twitter. The response was overwhelming with intrigued people, so she went back to get more pictures.

"It is about 25 cm long, so about the length of my arm. I had a tea towel in the car so I picked it up and took it home and put it in a bucket of salty water," Ms. Higgs notes.

Some people guessed that the mystery sea creature was a Spanish Dancer Slug, but those are most common in tropical waters of the Indian Ocean.

A large number of retweets bombarded social media and several tagged experts. Some joked that the blob is "The red Teletubby" or "whale placenta."

A spokeswoman for Queensland Museum tells Sunshine Coast Daily, that without getting a closer look at the unidentified creature posted on Twitter, it appears to be a sea slug.

In the meantime, Ms. Higgs will hold onto the mystery sea creature a little longer, but won't deprive it of its natural environment.

She says:

"I'm not sure what to do with it now, I took it home in case it was something extremely rare or something. I'll probably hand it over to the aquarium if it is, otherwise I'll just take it back to the beach."

[Image via Daily Mail]