Mariah Carey Divorce: Nick Cannon’s Dad Calls Mariah A ‘Liar’?

Mariah Carey may have an ugly divorce on her hands.

While Nick Cannon has been served papers to make him keep his mouth shut when it comes to his private life, his father is free to say whatever he wants… and he has. According to Necole Bitchie, Cannon’s dad, James, wrote a lengthy post on Facebook about the situation that his son is in with Mariah… but the post has since been deleted.

“Here a thing to talk about if the wife love sex and the man can’t stand making love to her. What should that women do? Here’s a thing, if the husband say no lies, and the wife lies all the time, what should that man do? Here a thing, if the wife put on 200 pounds and the husband like a nice slim wife what should that man do? If a husband tells his wife not to have an abortion, and she [does] it anyways, what should that man do? Here a thing, if a husband wants to have ten children and his wife only wants two children then what should that man do?”

Mariah Carey was also highlighted on James Cannon’s page as he posted a series of videos of the couple, and captioned at least one of them with “Be strong son, be strong.” Apparently this is why the media seems to think that Cannon’s post above was a dig at Mariah.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Nick Cannon has decided to leave Mariah because of her current “mental state.” Apparently Nick fears for his kids, and wants to get out of the situation in hopes of giving them a safe place to go — that is away from their mother. This, of course, has raised questions about Nick filing for primary custody of the couple’s 3-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have been living separately for a few months. According to Radar Online, Cannon has been taking up residence at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. Sources say that the two can’t even manage to have a civilized conversation at this point.

“They can’t have a simple conversation without it devolving into snide digs. They’re not living together because they can’t stand each other.”

While neither party has filed for divorce, sources say it is indeed inevitable. However, it sounds like lawyers are going to be doing most of the talking in this case. And, if the two don’t have a pre-nup? Things are going to get even uglier than they already are. There have been reports, however, that the two do have a pre-nup (via Fox News), and the only limbo piece involves their children.

[Photo courtesy of Mariah Carey / Instagram]