Chinese Boy Run Down By SUV, Gets Up, Walks Away [Video]

A Chinese boy was the recipient of what many are calling a miracle. The six year old was playing in the street in China’s Shandong Province when an SUV literally ran him over.

What’s remarkable is that after the boy was run over, he stood back up and walked away. The path of the vehicle suggests someone was indeed steering it, so it rules out the possibility that the SUV was simply rolling down the street on its own after being left in an unsafe gear and ignored.

What else appears shocking is how the driver never seemed to notice the child and kept driving at the same relative speed, as though to get away and not bring attention to it. The only reason the boy survived the accident is because he was caught between the wheels, a stunt sometimes seen in various TV shows and films. The SUV’s chassis clearance and the boy’s small frame seemed just enough to not cause any serious damage, aside from the nerves of the Chinese boy’s grandfather, who witnessed the incident on the news.


The grandfather says he cried when he saw the video because the boy could have easily been killed, but wasn’t. The six year old only suffered minor scrapes and cuts from the incident which could have cost him his life.

The driver of the SUV may have been under the influence of illegal substances, a possibility suggested by the lack of recognition that the boy was in front of the car. The car seemed to slow for a second as though the driver realized something was wrong, and then it kept going. The reason for the driver’s actions have not been reported.

Again, the young boy was reportedly okay, mostly due to the luck involved in how the SUV went over him. Have you had any brushes with death similar to what happened to this Chinese boy?

[image via New York Daily News]