Liam Payne, Sophia Smith Stop By Tattoo Parlor, Are The Lovebirds Getting Inked?

Liam Payne and girlfriend Sophia Smith recently stopped by a tattoo parlor during the singer’s trek across the United States with One Direction. Now ask yourself this question: What could this behavior really mean? Are the lovebirds getting matching ink to celebrate their undying love? For the love of all that’s holy, what is going on?!

Liam Payne probably hates all the attention he generates on a regular basis. The guy can’t take a trip to the supermarket without people wondering if he’s on a diet or picking up a home pregnancy test for his sweetheart. Everything the guys does is ripe for dissection and speculation, so it’s not surprising that people are paying a little too much attention to Payne’s trip to a tattoo parlor.

According to Unreality TV, Liam and Sophia swung by an undisclosed ink shop to have a look around. As soon as the internet caught wind of their recent excursion, many assumed that the pair were getting matching tattoos. Because that’s the only thing you can do when you stop by a tattoo parlor with your significant other. Obviously.

As you can see from the photo embedded below, it’s hard to tell what Liam Payne and his main squeeze are up to inside the shop. Perhaps they were trying to get away from the sneaky person snapping pictures of them on the street. Or, perhaps, they are seriously considering a pair of matching tattoos. Or maybe, just maybe, they’re simply enjoying each other’s company. I know — crazy, right?

Although it’s truly anybody’s guess if Liam Payne and Sophia Smith ended up getting his and her tattoos, one this is definitely for certain: they love spending time together. The folks over at Breathe Cast point out that Payne and his girlfriend are practically joined at the hip these days. Not only did they visit the aforementioned parlor together, they also hung out on a luxurious yacht filled with stripteases and wedgies.

If you an extra dose of “awwwww” in your diet today, then you’ll probably get a significant sugar buzz after learning and Payne and Smith recently took a cake decorating class together. The pair reportedly received some instruction from Cake Boss’ Carlo’s Bakery.

“[Liam] put on a Carlo’s Bakery shirt, and he came behind the counter and helped out some customers,” a spokesperson for the bakery explained.

Do you think Liam Payne and Sophia Smith recently got matching tattoos?

[Lead image via Dave M. Benett / Getty Images]