Gay Bathhouses Struggle To Stay Afloat As LGBT Lifestyle Becomes More Accepted

Over the last two years, the LGBT movement has taken strides never before reported within our nation. Formerly a country where being homosexual was considered a taboo — something that was known but never spoken — things have changed as more of the country comes to accept that gay people are here, and they are happy.

Here on The Inquisitr, we brought you reports of the LGBT community’s desire to have their lifestyle accepted among all people. A lot of the news pertains to states accepting gay marriage in which Virginia might allow the union soon if its ban is deemed unconstitutional. Also, a lot of celebrities have taken the mantel of supporting LGBT activities and equality. Julia Roberts received an LGBT reward recently and Joe Biden has been reported to say that LGBT movement is more important than tradition and culture.

For some businesses, the country’s acceptance of the LGBT lifestyle is actually hurting them. For one business, it is quite ironic because they were supportive of the LGBT lifestyle prior to the country doing so. Why? This businesses provided services for gay people before being gay was accepted.

According to an article by Fox Business, gay bathhouses were businesses hidden within the dark shadows of society, even during a time when being gay was risky if the public found out. During those times, gay men and women would go to these bathhouses to commune (and fornicate) with each other without fear of judgment from society. Now that the LGBT lifestyle has assimilated to an extent of normalcy in society, these businesses are seeking attention just to stay open.

Peter D. Sykes was the owner of Hollywood Spas before it closed back in April.

Greater acceptance of gays has lessened the need for the bathhouses, but the owners of such establishments are not surrendering so easily. Some are utilizing aggressive online advertising and community outreach. Others are adopting the 5-Star Resort approach with upscale amenities such as plush towels and marble baths. And for a bathhouse in Ohio, hotel rooms and a nightclub were added to the premises.

Despite some of the bathhouses’ attempts to stay significant in today’s society, some just can’t muster enough of an appeal for the LGBT community to continue operations. According to an article by Yahoo News, Hollywood Spa — one of the largest bathhouses in Los Angeles, California (regarded as the bathhouse capitol of the United States) — closed last April. Peter D. Sykes, its former owner, said fewer customers and rising rent put an end to four decades of business.

“Bathhouses were like dirty bookstores and parks: a venue to meet people. Today, you can go to the supermarket.”

The interior of the now-closed Hollywood Spas. The bathhouse was open for about four decades before it closed its doors permanently.

In conclusion, the best statement given about the future of gay bathhouses was given by Todd Saporito, CEO of Flex Spas. He says that more progressive views on homosexuality are not consistent across the nation, ergo some states will underscore the necessity for modern bathhouses while others will not. Still he is not taking anything for granted, regardless of location.

“Bathhouses at some level will go extinct if you don’t offer something more than a towel.”

What is your opinion about the death of the gay bathhouse? Better yet, what is your opinion about gay bathhouses in general? To those who support LGBT, do you think that gay bathhouses are no longer significant in today’s society? Please let us know in the comments below.

[Images via Yahoo]