Are ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Stars Chris Bukowski & Elise Mosca Still Together?

Bachelor In Paradise has already seen quite a few couples come together, but not many have actually lasted. Last week, viewers witnessed Chris Bukowski’s dramatic rose giveaway. After a knee injury, Chris was forced to leave the show early, and he asked Elisa Mosca, the girl he was interested in, to leave with him. Not surprisingly, she obliged. Chris then gave his rose to Michelle Money, in an emotional twist that no one saw coming (unless, of course, you read the spoilers). Michelle accepted with tears in her eyes.

So Chris and Elise left the show, together, and fans were left wondering what became of their relationship. The answer is simple: Nothing. According to The International Business Times, Elise went to Chicago with Chris for less than a week. They dated for a couple of weeks after that, and then they broke things off.

Their Bachelor In Paradise love certainly did not last. Chris said it was because the two were in different places in their lives. Of course Elise has gotten ripped by plenty of viewers because she bounced from Dylan to Chris and was so in love after just a couple of days with each guy. But Chris didn’t see a problem with Elise’s personality. According to Wet Paint, Chris actually defended her, saying that she was “only crazy about falling in love.” And, really, what’s the harm in that?

“It’s tough for me to hear people say she’s crazy when she’s only crazy about falling in love. She’s a nice, genuine girl, and I’ve never heard anyone who knows her say a bad thing about her. She’s very caring and will make someone very lucky one day… as long as she lays off the sequin outfits!”

And while you may have thought that the two had been hooking up, Chris Bukowski revealed that he did not have sex with Elise on the show. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the two actually didn’t have sex at all, likely thanks, in part, to Chris’ knee injury. While it may be hard to believe that the two didn’t find a way (where there’s a will…), they quickly learned that they weren’t compatible in real life, so skipping out on having sex was probably smart.

Bachelor In Paradise airs on Monday night at 8 p.m. EST. More couples could be made, more could break-up, and someone will be going home. Will you be watching?

[Photo courtesy of ABC/Agustin Murillo]