ISIS Targets U.S. Shopping Mall for Suicide Bombers (Video)

ISIS Terrorism Supporters have been using social media, such as Twitter, to instill fear within the United States. According to IJ Review, a man by the name of John Osborne has been scoping Twitter searching for anyone who was showing support for ISIS and their actions such as the recent beheadings.

Osborne tells IJ Review, "ISIS uses a series of Twitter bots to ampligy its ability to get its message out and make its online presence seem much larger than it actually is." And it seems to be doing the trick after the reaction to the tweets revealing images of ISIS supporters outside the White House at Washington DC as well as the Old Republic Building in Chicago, as reported by Before It's News.

As Osborne was in the process of documenting and reporting ISIS Twitter accounts, he stumbled across one by the name of @DrA12325665 which was promoting the beheading video of John Foley. According to Before It's News, @DrA12325665 began making threats to Osborne regarding the current ISIS captive, photojournalist Steven Sotloff.

The Twitter user @DrA12325665 claimed in his tweet message to Osborne that if President Obama didn't comply with ISIS' demands, Steven would most certainly be killed.

His exact tweet according to Before It's News was:

"@JPaulOsborne John, there is another guy called Steven. Please help him and tell Obama to take back his troops. Or Steve will get killed."
The tweets continued from the ISIS supporter telling Osborne his current location is Charlotte, NC. @DrA12325665 asked Osborne if he new that SouthPark Mall was the largest mall in Charlotte. Then, as reported by IJ Review, @DrA12325665 went on to show how deranged he is by expressing his desire to die while bombing SouthPark Mall.
"The best and fast way to die is vehicle bomber."

Twitter pic


According to WCCB Charlotte, the FBI has contacted the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department stating,

"The FBI is unaware of any specific, credible threats to the U.S. or the Charlotte area at this time. The FBI works around the clock with our partners in the law enforcement community to share and assess information. As always, we encourage the public to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activities to your local police or the FBI."
There is no proof that @DrA12325665 is actually in Charlotte, NC because no pictures were tweeted as in the other instances with Washington DC and Chicago. However, according to Before It's News, Dr. Jim Garrow warned the public about the threat against a "shopping mall" several months ago. That instigated the authorities working on simulated drills called "INDYMALLEX" to "prepare for attacks against shopping malls across America."

Dr. Ben Still, Physicist and Science Communicator, as seen in the video below, says,

"ISIS is coming to America, and it may be sooner than anyone thinks."
He describes them as rich, ruthless and suicidal. Ben believes that it is inevitable that we will fight ISIS at some point, but unsure as to whether it will be on American soil.

Ben reports that:

"Obama will do nothing which is really effective. If he (Obama) wanted to keep American weapons out of the hands of ISIS in Iraq, he certainly could have done so. He didn't. "
At the present time, the FBI and CMPD do not believe there to be a serious threat to SouthPark Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina. Although, there are numerous threats that continue from ISIS against the United States. Another example of an ISIS Twitter threat from @AmessagefromIsistoUS stated,
"We are in your state

We are in your cities

We are in your streets

You are our goal anywhere"

While that may be the case, the public should be aware that while the seriousness of the threats made by this ruthless terrorist group may not be completely legitimate, they should make all of us more aware of our surroundings. And while ISIS enjoys spreading fear, and uses social media to further their plight, it is rather unnerving to believe there is a possibility of their infiltration into the United States.

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