Des Moines’s “Vicious” Pit bull Might Get Pardon From Death

Pit bulls have far too often shown up in the media, when being discussed in attacks or death, but Jimmy’s story is a hard one to track down. Despite the Des Moines, Iowa pit bull having his own Facebook page dedicated to his rescue, only the most recent information seems easily accessible.

Jimmy, formerly known as Palomo, formerly known as Killer has been charged with biting two teenagers who were “rough housing” with it, and a man. According to Jaysen McCleary, the case against the pit bull has been exaggerated and states he has spoken to witnesses and read police reports of the two incidents in question from last November.

“It scratched two kids in the face who were rough housing with it. And bit one guy who was trying to steal it,”

The Des Moines Register reports that Mr. McCleary believes the pit bull’s owners are to blame for the dog’s behavior, which he believes is manageable. The former owners Jorge Galvan and Reyna Gonzales Tello had lost custody of the pit bull when the city officials quarantined Jimmy for the aforementioned incidents.

After a public hearing and an appeal, the city determined the dog was to be put down. It was not until a New York based project ” The Lexus Project” intervened on the pit bull’s behalf, and took ownership of the pit prior to Mr. McCleary. The group’s Facebook page provides a short description as to it’s intended purpose.

“We are here to help any dog who is facing death or incarceration as a vicious / dangerous dog. We want every dog brought to safety and we will try to help.”

According to Whotv, the groups’s co-founder Richard Rosenthal is heading up the pit bull’s defense. He also believes the prior owners are to blame for the pit bull’s actions and does not believe it should be held responsible.

“There’s no question the owners were negligent in this case. This is a situation where dogs shouldn’t pay for the owner’s negligence.”

His group, according to Whotv, has saved 103 – 105 dog’s lives through his advocacy and legal defense group. Reports indicate that Jimmy’s fate is said to be decided today through the city council’s prior agreement that was laid out.

“The agreement outlines the dog must be evaluated by a trainer in Runnels at the Rover’s Ranch Dog Park and Training Center. The city would then follow the trainer’s recommendation as to whether the dog is vicious and should be put down. “

Other reports have suggested the bill that has been racked up for his lock up, that has hit $2700, is to be paid by Jaysen McCleary who has agreed to adopt the convicted pit bull.

It is unclear which way the verdict will sway, but the mayor insists that whatever is decided will be final, according to the Des Moines Register.


“We all agree whatever they say, that’s the end of it”

However, Mr. McCleary has indicated on two occasions that it will not be over until Jimmy the pit bull is freed.

“He’s going to be saved. He’s going to avoid the death penalty.”

Upon the lawsuits that he and The Lexus Project has filed against the city, on behalf of the pit bull, he also vowed that it was just the beginning.

“I guarantee you, I’m just getting started.”

[ Images Via ‘Saves Palomo’ Facebook Page ]