These Children’s Book Shouldn’t Exist, Read On To Find Out Why

The Inquisitr recently reported on some children’s books that were disturbingly hilarious. However, in their defense, these books imparted some vital knowledge about sensitive issues. They tackled some pretty awkward matters via the written word. But some literary creations aren’t supposed to have been published in the first place. Most of the books listed below will make you cringe and wonder who in their right mind would buy these.

Wow. .They Must Be Really Bad Parents To Have Bought This Book In The First Place

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What A Great Way To Kill The Hopes And Dreams

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That's Right. Snub Them Out When They Are Young

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Pardon Me, But Who Is Lonely?

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Are You Comfortable With The Way You Look? Well, You Shouldn't. Here Read This

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Again? What Troubles Might Young Bobby Have?

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Oh. So Its A Vicious Circle

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Praise The Satan Or Else You Might End Up In Haven. Do you Want That?

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Is That The Way You Take Care Of The 'Problem'?

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That Is A Weirdly Suggestive Illustration

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What Exactly Is This Book Teaching The Kids?

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You Better Give The Kid Something To Work On. It Ain't No Free Ride you See

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Well? What Is Little Timmy Supposed To Do?

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Ouch! Is That Something A Child Needs To Be Told?

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A Weirdly Hilarious Title And A Rather Exaggerative Illustration

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As Wolves Descended From The Dog Family, They Love Bones

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That Is Just A Soul Crushing Thing To Say

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Perhaps The Authors Need To Be Flogged For This?

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And finally, as a bonus:

Wait, What?

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Books are supposed to allow imaginations to soar and make children believe in themselves. But these books certainly do not appear to have any such impact. Perhaps these authors should release their creations in closed circulation to adjudge public reactions?

[Featured Image Credit | Amazon (Perhaps they are referring to a literal kind of crack?)]