Want To Hear A Steve Jobs Speech? Use This Easter Egg That’s On Your Mac Right Now

Tech visionary Steve Jobs’ speeches and interviews are just as inspiring today as they were when they were given. Now, you can check out one of Jobs’ most amazing speeches without having to download anything extra… if you’ve got a Mac, that is.

Tech news giant BGR pointed us to a sweet Easter egg find from OS X Daily that shows that Apple has already hidden one of Steve Jobs’ best speeches on your Mac. It takes a bit of doing, but it’s totally worth it.

Steve Jobs Eater Egg
Apple co-founder Steve Jobs may be gone, but his influence lives on, even in Easter eggs within OS X.

The speech in question is Steve Jobs’ commencement address for the graduation ceremony of Stanford’s Class of 2005. In it, Jobs tells three stories from his life. The first involves his biological parents, who eventually gave Jobs up for adoption, paving the way for him to live the life that led to the founding of Apple. The second about love and loss, with Jobs being tossed from the company he founded and loved so well. The third story is Jobs’ take on the diagnosis of the pancreatic cancer that eventually killed him.

The speech is well worth a read, and it gives a look into the mind of a man that has shaped the world more than many others. Apple, the company Jobs founded with Steve Wozniak decades ago, has gone on to become one of the most profitable companies in the world, a firm that has truly changed the way that the world interacts with computers.

Jobs’ influence isn’t just limited to Apple and computers though. The Apple co-founder also served as a guiding light for Pixar, which has made some of the finest films of the past 20 years. Jobs has also had an impact on many other firms, including Nike, the largest shoe company in the world.

Jobs’ impact on the technology segment, though, is virtually unmatched. The iPhone truly moved the smartphone into the mass market category, absolutely upsetting the existing computing paradigm in the process. When Jobs and Apple followed that up with the iPad some years later, Apple took the lead as the undisputed innovation leader in the consumer technology segment.

Jobs was succeeded in his role as CEO by Tim Cook, who did not shy away from the role. Instead of looking to emulate or replace Jobs, Cook has sought to replicate Jobs’ particular genius not with one person, but with several. Apple design chief Jony Ive has taken on a bigger role in the company, while Cook has focused on the particulars of managing supply. After Jobs, Apple also brought in executives from Burberry and other luxury lines in order to handle Apple’s retail operations and other aspects. Most notably, Apple bought Beats Audio this year for $3 billion, bringing in Beats co-founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. Those latter two have been charged with ensuring Apple never loses one essential element that Jobs always kept in sight: a certain degree of coolness.