No ‘Morning After’ Social Media Shame With New Sobrr App

It’s a common occurrence in the “Age of Social Media.” Posts that act as a footprint that’s hard to shake; a tweet or a timeline update that some would consider unprofessional or worse. Now there’s a new app that gives users the satisfaction of saying what they want, when they want, all to have it magically disappear after 24 hours. It’s aptly called Sobrr, and it could very well change the way social media interactions are saved going forward.

This new app erases all messages, texts and photos 24 hours after they are posted.

Sobrr is a longer, fuller version of an app much like Snapchat. For 24 hours, the posting, photo, check-in, or whatever is there for friends and family to see, but then poof, it goes away — forever. As you can probably tell by the name, Sobrr was designed with “the next day” in mind. Users can post all they want — even in various states of inebriation — and still rest knowing that all posts have a terminal life span. According to a report on CNN, Sobrr co-founder Bruce Yang explains what led to the creations of what he calls “the anti-Facebook.”

“It promotes sharing only the most refreshing contents and leading a casual relationship with no strings attached. From the party animals that I’ve surveyed, more than half admitted that they want to meet new people in the party, and crave for a one-night stand. (Sobrr lets users post content) “that they might otherwise feel too embarrassed to post on other platforms.”

He goes on to say that it’s important for users in this day and age, “to have their own space and little secrets.”

“We understand that ‘hooking up’ is the need of many users on the platform, but we really value more of the casual interaction and conversation on the platform — the foreplay of hooking up. People are more attracted by each other based on their life moments or a common interest.”

Sobrr could very well change the way social interactions are done. As explained by Venture Beat, Sobrr encourages connections in 24 hour segments. Posts are done very locally — based on a GPS system, and people in a short radius can offer a “cheers” to a post. If a friendship is struck up, it will only last 24 hours.

New Morning After App
Sobrr works to creat "24-hour friend lists."

So, Sobrr is much like a chance meeting, a conversation could be had between two or more people, and then be wiped clear. The app adds a level of security and safety in a world run by circles and timelines and tweets, all of which can be used in a background check, or even in a court of law, as explained in an article by The Inquisitr. As these laws are constantly scrubbed against new media and social media, an app like Sobrr is perfectly designed to keep the best of what makes social media so attractive to people and at the same time, do away with what makes social media potentially dangerous: the loss of privacy.

Sobrr is available now for iPhones and iPads through the iTunes store.

[Images courtesy of Getty Images and Sobrr’s Facebook page]