Oregon Man Purchases New Home: You’ll Never Guess What He Found Inside

For most Americans, home ownership is an extremely gratifying feat! However, one man’s accomplishment was overshadowed by what he found inside of the Northwest Portland, Oregon home he’d closed on just last week. Rod Nyland has squatters inside of his new home. Then, to add insult to injury, they have absolutely no plans to leave even though they’ve learned he purchased the property.

According to The Blaze, Nyland’s unannounced guest have reportedly made his life quite difficult. He reportedly learned the squatters were occupying the home when his contractor stopped by the house. He was shocked to find out someone was already living inside the house. But, it gets worse! Nyland’s realtor, Kim Spiess, revealed the couple had also changed all of the locks and acquired utility service for the home nearly a month before the sale. Even the Portland Police Department was unable to resolve the situation.

Nyland recently spoke with KPTV in regards to the fairly odd situation. Even he had to admit that the squatters are quite knowledgeable of the law and their rights where the home is concerned.

“It’s kind of like buying a car and you walk out to get in it and somebody’s sitting in there,” said Nylund.”These people are pretty sharp,” said Nylund. “They turned the power on 30 days prior to moving into it, and they paid the power bill while the home was vacant.”


Although Nyland technically has ownership of the property, he will still have to take legal actions by filing a forcible entry and detainer action in court for the couple to be removed. He’s tried to come to amicable terms with the couple and even offered money for them to leave, but to no avail.

When contacted for comment, the couple opted not to share their perspective of the situation.

Do you think the squatters should be ordered to move since Nyland closed on the property?

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