WWE News: Adam Rose On The Way Out

The WWE may be done with Adam Rose.

Disappointing as it sounds — because Rose is a talented wrestler, and he never failed to make me laugh when he was on the main product — WWE officials have about decided it’s time to retire the Exotic Express.

How do we know this?

Wrestling Inc. points out that the last match Rose had on Monday Night RAW was a win against Damien Sandow, and that was on July 28. Since then, he’s been mostly confined to dark matches and to losses on NXT, the WWE’s farm system.

While the website points out that Adam Rose did notch a win on the August 14 edition of WWE Superstars, that show is not as widely watched and doesn’t matter much to the grand scheme of the product.

We’re not exactly sure why Rose has been failing. His in-ring work is good, and the Exotic Express is crazy and versatile enough to keep us watching.

But then, WWE Creative hasn’t exactly been in its right mind as of late, and that could start at the very top if reports that Vince McMahon has soured on Bo Dallas are true.

Dallas is easily the most entertaining of the new crop of mid-card wrestlers. He’s got the in-ring skills to put on a good match, and he’s absolutely hilarious on the mic.

Even so, there is enough potential with his dark side to make him a serious heel competitor further down the road. The live fan support has been pretty clearly in his favor as well.

Still, there are the nagging rumors, and if Bo Dallas can fall out of favor with Vince McMahon and Company, then it’s safe to say Adam Rose is already there.

It’s not clear what the future will hold for Rose if a return to RAW isn’t in the cards.

They’re jobbing him quite a bit on NXT right now, but that could be the precursor to taking his character in another direction rather than cutting him from the talent roster altogether.

With a little more edge, Rose could become a RAW-ready star.

But first, the WWE needs to give up on trying to make him a face and go full-on heel.

What do you think, readers? Is time running out for Adam Rose, or does he have a bright future with the company with a little work? Share your thoughts in our comments section below.