VMAs: The Collective Gasps Documented Here [Video]

“#VMAs Nicki Minaj wardrobe malfunction to start the show.”

And things were off and running with Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and Jessie J. Ariana opened the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards with her song “Break Free.” Then, Nicki launched into her new hit “Anaconda” that samples the classic “Baby Got Back” by Sir-Mix-A-Lot from 1992. Finally, Jessie J hit the stage for the threesome’s smash “Bang Bang.” Nicki’s return to the stage was highlighted by the unintended separation of her dress.

#VMAs Who is he and why is he talking?

His name is… and he’s on a little show called Saturday Night Live, my wife tells me.

#VMAs Ed Sheeran = Yes.

Ed Sheeran won Best Male Video for his song “Sing,” and he totally deserved it. The Ed Sheeran album X is absolutely worth picking up or downloading today.

#VMAs Let’s be honest. Sam Smith is a-freakin’-mazing.

“Amazeballs,” “I’ve been saying that for months,” “I loved that performance better than his recording of it on the radio,” and “Best male of the night” are just some comments posted to Facebook in response to this post.

#VMAs I’m a fan of Common, but…

Rapper and actor Common made some comments about the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri that came across, if nothing else, inappropriate for the forum.

I’ll still watch Hell On Wheels.

2014 vma funny

#VMAs I verbally asked “Who is this guy?” again.

I still actually don’t know who that guy is.

#VMAs Did Lorde just win Best Rock Video?! What the?! I’m done.

Love Lorde. She needs to be re-categorized.

#VMAs I’m down with 5 Seconds of Summer.

Great performance of their new hit “Amnesia.” Little girls everywhere agree.

#VMAs I’m not sure I believe the Artist To Watch award is truly 100% fan-driven.

Fifth Harmony beat out 5 Seconds of Summer, Sam Smith and Charli XCX. Who and how?!?

#VMAs Someone turn up Christina Garibaldi’s mic!

Technical issues.

#VMAs Jennifer Lopez totally just pulled a “I knew her before she was famous…”

Can’t say I was convinced that J-LO was jammin’ to Iggy mix-tape tunes back in the day, but… let’s move on.

#VMAs Iggy & Rita were pretty awesome.

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora made their debut performances on the MTV Video Music Awards with their hit song “Black Widow.”

#VMAs Someone turn up Sway’s mic!

More technical issues.

#VMAs Sweet stage, Maroon 5. This performance is better than I expected it to be. But still waiting for something amazing.

Maroon 5 performed their hit song “Maps” outside the main venue, flanked by an airport. I wonder if they planned that flyover.

THERE IT IS! Best part of the #VMAs = Rednex “Cotton Eye Joe”

Jimmy Fallon made an appearance on the VMAs, doing a bit that involved a “High Five Cam” and the Rednex’ 1994 hit. Sidebar: That song is twenty years old this month!

#VMAs I don’t know what that was but I think I was moved.

Miley Cyrus won Video of the Year for her massive hit “Wrecking Ball.” She totally deserved it. But rather than accept the award herself, she delivered a powerful message about teen homelessness through a formerly homeless L.A. teen. Bravo, Miley. Seriously. Find out more about #MyFriendsPlace in a video posted by Miley Cyrus.

#VMAs Sorry Sway, it’s just not gonna happen today.

Sway really drew the short stick on technical issues.

#VMAs They gave Beyonce the last 30 minutes of the show apparently.

Beyonce fans, rejoice.

#VMAs What. Is. This.

Beyonce is still singing.

#VMAs Okay, I admit it. That was awesome. Jay Z+Beyonce+Blue Ivy

Jay-Z joined Beyonce onstage and Bey gave HOVA love, publicly. Perhaps this will quell the rumors of ‘imminent’ divorce that we’ve been hearing about.

Awesome finish. 15 minutes late.