Nicki Minaj Barely Avoids Wardrobe Malfunction While Twerking At VMAs

Nicki Minaj might want to spend a bit more time making sure her wild outfits are properly secured before stepping out on stage. The “Anaconda” rapper reportedly almost suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction tonight at the MTV Video Music Awards, and only a steady hand could keep her from showing off those prized assets.

E! Online on Sunday carried word that Nicki Minaj’s performance of her new hit “Anaconda” almost wound up quite a bit more revealing than the 31-year-old rapper intended. Minaj initially took the stage in a green sequined number, bouncing around and dancing to “Anaconda.” No problems there, as Nicki twerked and grinded her way through her new hit.

Once “Anaconda” was done, though, Nicki ducked away for a quick costume change in order to perform “Bang Bang.” That’s where the slip-up almost happened.

Minaj came back on stage with Jessie J and Ariana Grande to perform “Bang Bang,” and the rapper apparently didn’t secure her outfit as well as she could have. While everyone else danced around, Nicki was holding on to the top of her form fitting black dress, apparently trying to make sure that the sexy number didn’t open up on camera.

Nicki made it through the performance without Janet Jacksoning herself, though, but E! Online notes that maybe a couple of seconds extra backstage would have helped avoid the entire situation.

Minaj’s “Anaconda” has turned into a sizable hit for the rapper, blowing away the previous record set for most video views in a day. “Anaconda,” which features Nicki twerking and grinding and rapping over a Sir Mix-A-Lot sample, saw more than 19 million views in a single day. That set the 24-hour record for Vevo, knocking off Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.”

That first day’s tally, though, pales in comparison to the video’s current total. As of Sunday, Nicki’s “Anaconda” has gotten more than 64 million views. We may have seen it once or twice or 12 times ourselves. For journalistic purposes, of course. The first view, though, had us feeling a bit like Drake after Nicki hits him off with a lap dance.

Anaconda aftermath
Drake ponders the gravity of the situation he was just faced with in Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" video.

You know what that man’s thinking: “What am I to do in the face of this?” That’s pretty much the general reaction to “Anaconda,” and with good reason.

The success of “Anaconda” could bode well for Nicki’s forthcoming album, The Pink Print. That collection, her third studio album, should hit stores some time before the end of the year.