Bruce Jenner Loves Wearing Spanx: Sex Change Rumors Continue Thanks To Spanx Addiction

Bruce Jenner has been changing his look little by little, and the going rumor is that he’s trying to become a woman. A new report out this week puts Bruce’s sexuality on the line yet again. According to OK! Magazine, Bruce has a new obsession… a feminine obsession, if you will, with Spanx. A source said that the former Olympian has become “so obsessed” with his body image that he has resorted to wearing the slimming garments underneath his clothes. Apparently he wears Spanx “all the time.”

”He started wearing them under his suits on the red carpet, and he loved the results so much that now he wears them all the time.”

Bruce Jenner is a tad embarrassed by his new love for Spanx, and reportedly got really angry when his wife, Kris Jenner, told their daughters, Kendall and Kylie, about their dad’s little secret.

“The girls haven’t stopped laughing, and Bruce was furious that Kris revealed something so private, especially with all the 
cross-dressing rumors. He insists the Spanx are just to hide his belly — not an excuse to wear women’s underwear.”

Of course this is a little weird, because Bruce doesn’t seem like he’d even need to wear Spanx. And while you might be thinking that the line was made with women in mind — you would be right, to an extent. Spanx actually has a men’s line, though it’s unknown just how popular their shirts and boxers really are. It’s safe to assume that if Bruce is wearing Spanx, he’s wearing the men’s line. If he’s not, well that would just add to the sex change rumors.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jenner has grown out his hair, gets his nails done regularly, and he has had plastic surgery (namely a facelift) which has made some people wonder if he really does want to be a woman. He’s looking more feminine nowadays, and that has people talking.


Bruce Jenner might just be super insecure. Maybe he sees himself on television and wants to change. Or maybe he just wants to feel good about himself… that doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants to be a woman.

“Bruce beats himself up for not having the washboard abs he had as a pro athlete. He wants people to think that he’s still ripped.”

Do you think Bruce will end up having a sex change operation? Do you think he wants to be a woman or does he just want to feel better about himself?

[Photo courtesy of AP/Richard Shotwell via Salon]