Hillary Clinton 2016? Democrats Demand Answer On Presidential Campaign’s Third Term

A Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign may the hope and wish of many a Democrat, but the potential Democratic primary frontrunner is playing it coy and refusing to answer any questions on whether she will run or not. But now some in the Democratic party are claiming that she needs to answer soon since she has essentially frozen the political field.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, even though Hillary Clinton isn’t the president, she’s already demanding the presidential suite. If that sounds funny, you should check out photos of Barack Obama sipping Twisted Teas and smoking cigarettes in a park.

Despite the fact that Clinton is conceding that Darth Vader would beat her in a current U.S. presidential election, there’s still a lot of speculation involving a potential 2016 presidential campaign. She also refused to comment on the Ferguson riots or Michael Brown, which some pundits believe is a signal that she’s trying to avoid saying anything potentially controversial before a 2016 run. Hillary recently set herself apart from President Obama by criticizing his foreign policy, claiming that his actions have allowed ISIS to succeed in the Middle East.

Of course, Mitt Romney has also been criticizing a good number of Democrats, but he also insists he’s not running in 2016. Republicans have been quick to criticize Clinton’s history as Secretary of State, and there’s even a new book claiming the Democratic favorite is two-faced and tells stories about how Secret Service agents hate to guard Hillary since she’s so “nasty” to them. Republicans were also mystified by a recent statement where Hillary said George W. Bush made her “proud to be an American.”

Regardless, all polls about Hillary Clinton’s approval rating show that she would crush any other Democratic contender in 2016. This fact has frozen the field, although some Democratic strategists believe her recent actions have opened it up:

“I used to think she was freezing potential 2016ers out, but I believe that all of her missteps over the last few months – on her enormous personal wealth, on the border crisis, and on foreign policy – have created a bigger opening than ever for someone to challenge her.”

Democratic communications strategist Karen Finney believes Hillary has frozen the field too long and needs to give a straight answer.

“The longer it goes, the harder it becomes for her not to run, unless there is a significant reason she can’t. A ‘no’ has to come earlier than a ‘yes,'” adds another Democratic strategist, who wished to remain anonymous. “If it’s a no, I suspect she won’t let it drag on.”

If a Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign is launched, it’s suspected we’ll know by early 2015 at the earliest. Do you want the Clintons for a third term?