Man Arrested in Alleged Craigslist Robbery

Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, have arrested one man who is accused of robbing two other men he met through Craigslist.

The alleged victims, according to the local FOX affiliate station, met the suspect Aaron Sloan after making a deal to buy a car from him for $3,500. According to the victims, a masked man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt approached them after they agreed to buy the car. The man, who had a gun, told them to hand over their money.

Police said that Sloan used Craigslist to advertise a 2003 Cadillac and let the prospective buyer test drive it first, according to Tulsa’s Channel 9. After connecting through the Craigslist ad, they met in the parking lot of an apartment building.

After the test drive, the victim said he agreed to buy the car and was then approached by the masked gunman. The Craigslist ad had stipulated that the car be purchased for cash only, so police suspect Sloan and the gunman were working together. While the victim ran away without giving any cash, Sloan ran off with the suspect.

Sloan later called the police to say someone had tried to steal his car. He was taken in for questioning and both victims identified him.

Craigslist was also in the Seattle-Tacoma area news recently when a man out on bail tried to sell a jail uniform. According to KOMO News, he told his mother that former inmates sell jail uniforms on Craigslist “all the time.”

The man, 25-year-old Jared Evans, was arrested for possession of meth and other charges. Almost directly after being bailed out by his mother, he posted an ad on Craigslist for the stolen jail uniform. A county sheriff’s office found out about the Craigslist posting and an undercover officer offered $50 for it.

Evans said he would only take $200 for the “perfect” uniform that he had risked swiping. Reportedly, Evans’ mother confronted him about the stolen uniform and was planning to return it to the jail, but he had told her that people do it all the time and nobody ever checks Cragislist.

He was arrested and charged with trafficking stolen property.

Craigslist has had a history of scandals.

A recent story on WTHR involved a top modeling scout name to lure unsuspecting women. An aspiring model warned that the fake Craigslist ad involved a man who used a fake identity to invite women to act and model.