‘Jurassic Park’ Actor Richard Attenborough Dead At 90

Actor and director Sir Richard Attenborough, widely known for his appearance in the Jurassic Park film series, has died. According to the Daily Mail, Attenborough’s son confirmed that the 90-year-old actor’s death occurred around lunchtime on August 24, 2014. While no official cause of death was reported, Lord Attenborough’s son said the actor’s health had been failing in recent years. In 2008, Lord Attenborough suffered a fall down a set of stairs following a stroke. While Lord Attenborough survived the stroke, he never fully recovered, and spent the years after it confined to a wheelchair.

Lord Attenborough was the oldest of three children. His brother, Sir David Attenborough, is a broadcaster and nationalist. His other brother, John Attenborough, died in 2012.

Lord Attenborough made his film debut in In Which We Serve. The then 19-year-old Attenborough played a terrified young crewman on a warship.

As an actor, Lord Attenborough is perhaps best remembered for his role in the critically acclaimed film Jurassic Park and it’s sequel The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Lord Attenborough stared as John Hammond, a venture capitalist who owned and operated amusement parks around the world. The titular park is Hammond’s latest project, and the catalyst for the plot of the film. Lord Attenborough infused John Hammond with almost giddy excitement at the idea of sharing his accomplishments with the world, so excited that he doesn’t consider the possible consequences until things go wrong.

Jurassic Park, which was based on a Michael Crichton novel, was the highest grossing film up to that time. Following a 3D theatrical re-release last year, Jurassic Park was added to the short list of films which have earned over $1 billion. The success of the release lead to plans for a sequel, Jurassic World, which is scheduled to debut in theaters June 12, 2015.

As a director, Lord Attenborough is best remembered for the 1982 film Gandhi staring Ben Kingsley in the titular role. Gandhi was nominated for eleven Academy Awards of which it won eight, including Best Picture and a Best Director nod for Lord Attenborough.


In a statement released via Twitter, British Prime Minister David Cameron said Attenborough’s “acting in ‘Brighton Rock’ was brilliant, his directing of Gandhi was stunning — Richard Attenborough was one of the greats of cinema”.

Lord Attenborough is survived by his wife, Sheila Sim, their son, and their daughter.