Instructions For Stupid People — 15 Signs And Labels You Don’t Need To Read, But They’re Funny

Americans must be a very stupid people — at least that’s what you must believe if you’re in charge of making signs and instructions like these actual labels and signs that you’ll see below.

Are these signs really necessary? Well, you be the judge. It’s true that the United States is not the smartest country in the world. In fact, in terms of average IQ, we’re in a six-way tie for 19th in intelligence scores. That doesn’t make us the stupidest country in the world by a long shot. But maybe we need a little extra help with certain instructions for simple services and products.

The good news is, Americans are getting smarter. In the year 1900, the average American IQ score — measured on today’s scale — was 67. That’s three points lower than the cutoff for being considered mentally impaired. We were really a nation of dummies back then, so perhaps that’s why some people think we still need a little extra help, with simple functions like these…


You’re assuming we actually use hand soap…

Obvious 1

But this one goes to 11!

Obvious 2

The great thing about this one is, you actually have to open the box to see these instructions.

Obvious 3

But how hot? That’s the information we really need.

Obvious 4

Both sides? But doesn’t a computer actually have four sides?

Obvious 5

Probably not necessary, but worth pointing out anyway.

Obvious 6

What if you just want to stay right here?

Obvious 7

But that’s the time when your hair gets really messed up!

Obvious 8

Silly, you don’t eat gum. You chew it.

Obvious 9

Don’t worry. We’re still full from eating the gum in the urinal.

Obvious 10

Gotta admit — there are times when this instruction would have come in handy.

Obvious 11

So what have we been working out every day for, then?

Obvious 12

Oh, come on. You guys are no fun.

Obvious 13

But if you could, wouldn’t that be awesome?

Obvious 14

Well, these are directions for how to use a Slinky. Not too sure about the “fun” part.

Obvious 15

We think our collective IQ might have dropped a few points just from reading these signs.