Mythbusters Cast Members Spoke Of ‘After This Ends’ Over A Year Ago

Since the announcement Thursday evening that Mythbusters hosts Tory Belleci, Grant Imahara, and Kari Byron would be leaving the show, fans have been in an uproar. A petition to change the decision has circulated. Viewers have expressed anger at Discovery, the channel that hosts Mythbusters. The other hosts, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage have been accused of knocking the three off the show by asking for more money.

One of the widest responses has been anger that the three Mythbusters hosts were dismissed so abruptly. Many viewers fear that the airing of the Mythbusters season finale was the first time that the Mythbusters trio knew their jobs were ending.

However, the evidence doesn’t bear this out. First, none of the Mythbuster hosts expressed shock or outrage. Instead, two of the three posted sad goodbyes, but showed no anger or surprise, within minutes of the Mythbusters season finale end. Tory was the last Mythbusters host to post, but his tweets were no more expressions of letdown than the others’.

Instead, all three Mythbusters promised more adventures to come, in a nearly-synced style that strongly suggests foreknowledge. In fact, this tweet of Kari’s makes it clear she knew before we did:

Of course, like all shows, Mythbusters is slated to come to an end at some point (some think that the dismissal of Kari, Tory, and Grant may be the beginning of that end) and the entire cast is surely aware of that. In fact, over a year ago, the three Mythbusters hosts did an AMA on Reddit, and actually discussed what they would be doing now if Mythbusters hadn’t been such a hit. Tory in particular used phrasing that suggested he knew his time on Mythbusters would end at some point: mythbusters hosts were not surprised

Tory: If I do survive the rest of my career on MB I am going to move into directing low budget horror and sci fi movies. My soul with be starving.

Mythbusters also hasn’t been the extent of the careers of the three: Tory’s own website shows he’s made props, models, and sets for over a dozen movies, Kari is an artist who displays her creations on her website and in public exhibitions, and of course, as listed in his Dicovery bio, Grant has worked on numerous robotic projects besides those for Mythbusters, including R2D2. There’s also an indication that the former Mythbusters hosts are keeping an amicable relationship with the show: this was tweeted Saturday, two days after the Mythbuster’s finale that marked the change:

It may be that the Mythbusters show is nearing its end, but to the question of these three Mythbusters having been surprised at last week’s announcement, all we can say is, myth BUSTED.

[Photo: Twitter]