Ohio Teacher Has Sex With Special Needs Students, Sentenced to Only Three Days In Jail

On Friday, August 22, a Lancaster, Ohio teacher pleaded guilty to two counts of child endangerment. Jessica Hachat reportedly had sex with two special needs teenage boys this summer while working for the West Afterschool Summer Lunch Program in Lancaster. Detectives revealed the 30-year-old teacher met one of the 17-year-old boys at the summer program. He, in turn introduced her to another special needs student who was also the same age.

During her court appearance on Friday, she gave a tearful apology. Although her statement was relatively brief, she made a gratuitous effort to show remorse for her actions.

“I’ve made a terrible mistake. (It was) a decision that does not align whatsoever with my character. I’m very sorry,” Hachat said in court.

However, one mother felt Hachat’s apology was simply an excuse for her actions. As a matter of fact, the parent wasn’t inclined to hear the apology at all. According to 10TV, Hachat reportedly had sex with the woman’s son, and she opted to remain nameless.

Here’s what she had to say:

“A predator is person who ruthlessly exploits others and I believe that label undoubtedly describes Jessica Hachat. You are an animal that belongs in a cage and should never be allowed to instill morals, values or beliefs into another person,” the mother said. She went on to condemn Hachat for using her son for her own disturbing desires. “It is absolutely heartbreaking that you took advantage of his innocence and his condition.”


The second boy’s father also gave a brief statement addressing his sentiments toward Hachat. “If I didn’t do what I did, my family wouldn’t be in this situation and we would all be happy,” he said.

Hachat initially faced 180 days in jail for both counts of child endangerment. However, the judge explained how difficult the case would have been if it were brought before a jury since both of the boys admitted their actions were consensual and not forced. Because of their admission, Hachat was only sentenced to three days in jail.

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