Another 'The Fault In Our Stars' Deleted Scene Surfaces: Watch It Here

Celebrity Cafe has released a report recently about a meaningful deleted scene from the summer blockbuster The Fault in Our Stars.

In the scene, Shailene Woodley's Hazel and Ansel Elgort's Gus are on their way to the hospital after a visit to the gas station leaves Gus hospitalized due to complications with his illness. In order to comfort Gus, Hazel recites Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams, changing some of the verses to describe Gus. As is the common factor throughout the whole of the movie, the scene is definitely a tear-jerker. Watch it for yourself:

The scene is part of an extended DVD/Blu-ray promotion that is set to hit stores this fall. Hypable also reports that another deleted scene will be offered as part of the extended cut, which shows Hazel and Gus at home after his emergency room scare. It is a 45 second clip of the two of them at Gus' house while he is on the mend. Toward the end of the scene, the camera pans to a picture of a clock that says:

"If you want the rainbow you have to deal with the rain."
The quote is a direct reference to a quote used in the novel by the same name from which the movie was derived.

Ansel Elgort told Entertainment Weekly the following regarding the deleted scenes:

"We did a lot of scenes that didn't make it in the [theatrical] release, some scenes that are really beautiful. I bet now I'll be seeing screenshots from [the deleted] scenes all over Instagram."
The Fault in Our Stars DVD/Blu-ray will also include various features as reported by Hypable:

The Fault in Our Stars standard DVD will include:● Theatrical Cut Audio Commentary by Josh Boone and John Green● Promotional Featurettes: The Cast, The Making of The Fault in Our Stars, The Transformation, Literature to Life, Our Little Infinity, The Music Behind Our Stars● Gallery

The Fault in Our Stars "Little Infinities Edition Blu-ray" will include:● Extended Version● Extended Cut Audio Commentary by Josh Boone and John Green● 6 Deleted Scenes (Including Commentary)● The Stars Align: Book to Screen● Plus all of the features on the DVD!

Some editions also include a commemorative bracelet. The DVD/Blu-ray will be available for purchase on September 16th, although pre-orders are available now.

[Photo credit: That's Normal]