Demi Lovato Really Wants To Beat 5 Seconds Of Summer At The VMAs

Demi Lovato has a very good reason for wanting to destroy 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The former Disney darling is in direct competition with the boy band at this year’s VMAs. Lovato’s video for “Really Don’t Care” received a nomination for Best Lyric Video. Unfortunately for Demi Lovato, 5SOS also received a nod in the same category for “Don’t Stop.” The winner is officially determined by folks at home, which means the group’s legion of faithful female followers were will no cast their votes for the British heartthrobs.

According to MTV News, Demi Lovato has coughed up an amusing albeit controversial reason why she deserves to take home the trophy for “Best Lyric Video.” Since the aforementioned awards ceremony takes places in the United States, she firmly believes that an American should receive the honor. Her words, mind you, not ours.

“I am an American, just throwing it out there. The American VMAs deserve American winners. I’m standing up for my country.”

Did someone take Demi Lovato’s comment out of context? Does the singer really believe 5SOS is less deserving simply because they were born in Australia? As Gossip Cop points out, there’s a very good chance Demi was just having a bit of fun at the group’s expense. Before you accuse her of bigotry, keep in mind that Lovato does possess a biting sense of humor. In other words, don’t take these comments seriously.

Need proof that Lovato’s only kidding? Check out the Vine below.

The following photo should also give you an idea of how serious she is about the whole VMAs/American angle. It’s the final frame from the aforementioned Vine.

Of course, just because Demi Lovato was joking doesn’t mean folks were aware of this fact. Check out some outraged tweets from 5 Seconds of Summer fans below.

#vote5sos bc theyre australian and not an ignorant american like demi lovato

— isa (@vitaminmgc) August 24, 2014

What do you think about Demi Lovato’s VMAs comment regarding 5SOS? Are you angry that she would even joke about something like this?

[Lead image via Lloyd Bishop / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank]