American Idol’s William Hung Hitched, Where Is He Now?

American Idol blooper alum William Hung is perhaps more memorable than some Idol finalists even though he never made it past the first round. After making a short-lived career by soaking up his fifteen minutes of fame, Hung has found his dream woman. Hung and his wife Jian Teng said “I do” in a June 18 ceremony.

The former Idol contestant told People magazine of his magical ceremony that took place in Alhambra, California. According to Hung, he found his perfect match that will meet him halfway in the marriage.

“She’s a fantastic wife and I’m glad to have somebody to support me.”

There’s no word on where Hung met his wife Jian, a licensed vocational nurse, but it looks like he might have met her at work. These days William Hung is not singing “She Bangs.” Instead he’s an administrative assistant for the L.A. County Department of Public Health.

Of his experience on American Idol Hung said:

“Four months later I suddenly saw myself on TV. Right after my audition aired I got over 150 e-mails with movie opportunities and TV appearances. Unfortunately on that same night I got insulted by the media world wide. It was easy for me to give up with all the negative insults, but I found that little hope, not because of all the money and fame, but because of the support of my fans. Each fan that told me, ‘William you’re the best’ it’s what kept me going.”

Back when Hung was a contestant on American Idol he was a student at UC Berkeley. His major of choice couldn’t be further from a musical background, as he was currently pursuing a degree in civil engineering.

Although his 2003 audition for American Idol is known as one of the worst auditions to ever air on the show, his popularity skyrocketed because of his nerdy personality and winning spirit. At one point William Hung had a recording contract and released a few albums, which let him perform in front of thousands. Although he has given up that profession and the dream of stardom, his professional site it still up.

The last we heard from William Hung was in 2012 when Time magazine decided to do a profile on the pop culture star. It was reported back in 2011 that he had landed a job as a statistical analyst for the LA County Sheriff Department.

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