Public Executions Of Palestinian Civilians By Hamas In Gaza: Is It Self-Genocide?

Hamas in Gaza has suffered some fatal blows at the hands of the superior fighting force of Israel after it declared war on the Jewish State in July.

Recently, Israel stepped things up a level when it reportedly killed Mohammed Deif, a top Hamas militant, along with his wife, son and daughter. Then, there was the targeted attack a few days ago on three senior Hamas operatives, all of whom lost their lives.

Immediately after that retaliatory missile attack by Israel, Hamas gunmen took to the main square in Gaza and executed seven young Palestinian men who it believed had collaborated with Israel by providing intelligence information. This followed the earlier extra-judicial killing of another 11 alleged collaborators, and more recently, a further four were executed.

Hamas shoots a "collaborator" and drags his body through the streets of Gaza.

Newsweek reported on Friday that Hamas has now shown its true face -- which is very similar in ideology to ISIS, which beheaded American journalist James Foley last week -- as it wantonly slaughters its own civilians in public by covering their heads with a sack, and shooting them dead.

Yet whenever Israel mistakenly kills Palestinian civilians who are used by Hamas' rocket launchers as human shields in a disgraceful display of cowardice and cynicism, the world sympathy and ensuing condemnation of Israel is to the point of shocking, not to mention disproportionate.

So where are the world media now as Hamas massacres its own people in public squares in Gaza? Where are the reports condemning the killings, and the U.N. resolutions as well?

The only feasible explanation can be that as Jews aren't killing Palestinians, the world doesn't really care. as only then do the violent 100,000 people strong protests take place in the cities of London, Paris, and Berlin.

Pro-Israel Muslims

Why else would the world media miss such an opportunity to expose the situation in Gaza for what it really is, an ISIS-style hell in which men, woman and children fear for their lives daily at the hands of their own elected leaders?

On Friday, eleven people who had been convicted of collaborating with Israel, even though they didn't receive a proper trial, were forced into the busy intersection in front of Al-Azhar University in Gaza City.

Their hands were tied behind their backs, their mouths gagged, and no word of supplication for their lives was uttered. The executioners waited until the curious masses had gathered and put bullets into each of the 11 heads.

Palestinian justice at its worst.

On the same afternoon, a firing squad from the Hamas military wing assembled in the Great Mosque complex in Gaza after prayers and killed seven Palestinians who were then loaded onto ambulances to be buried.

When will the world wake up and take action against the likes Hamas and ISIS before it's too late?

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