Israel Under Fire From North And South As Rockets From Lebanon Strike Golan Heights

Not content with waging war, and firing short and long-range rockets indiscriminately at Israel from just one front, Arab terrorists in Lebanon and Syria have now joined Hamas in firing at Israeli villages in the north of the country.

On Sunday morning, 15 rockets were fired from Gaza after a barrage of at least five rockets from the north hit an empty house in the Golan Heights.

The Eshkol Regional Council in the south suffered the worst of the fire, and a house was damaged there, along with a greenhouse and a few cars. Israel’s Iron Dome also intercepted Hamas rockets over Ashdod and Sderot.

The five rockets sent over from the Lebanon/Syria border on Saturday night have not elicited a response from the IDF as yet: “next time we won’t be so restrained,” an official Israeli source told reporters.

Mr Rabiya, who’s house was hit by a rocket said: “It is nothing short of a miracle that only damage was caused and that nobody was killed. There were people sitting right were the rocket fell and they were thrown aback, some were injured, but they were lucky.”

According to reports out of Lebanon, some rockets were fired at Israel from Dheira in southern Lebanon, just a few miles from the Israeli border. Israeli helicopters were spotted above the village searching for the launchers.


Israel was treated to at least 100 rockets on its citizens on Saturday alone with a rocket on Friday killing 4-year-old Daniel Turgeman from Nahal Oz.

Some injuries were also reported in Be’er Sheva, also in the south of Israel, after two Hamas rockets struck a parking lot and a park in the city.

The IDF reported that the mortar which killed 4-year-old Daniel Turgeman was fired from a Palestinian Authority school that provides shelter for refugees in the Gaza Strip, and is close to an UNRWA facility.

The question now is, will terrorist factions in Syria and Lebanon open another war front on Israel, which is still in the midst of dealing with the extreme terrorist threat from the Gaza Strip in the south?