Will Beyonce And Jay Z Sit Together At The MTV VMAs? And Will Destiny’s Child Reunite?

The Beyonce and Jay Z divorce rumors might go into overdrive after the MTV Video Music Awards tonight — or they might finally get shot down by Mr. and Mrs. Carter.

Hollywood Life claims that Jay Z is completely missing from a seating chart for the MTV VMAs. If he doesn’t show up to support Beyonce while she performs and accepts her Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, his absence will do nothing to allay the fears of fans who don’t want to see hip-hop’s biggest power couple split up.

Of course it’s also possible that there’s no spot for Jay Z because he’s going to make a surprise appearance during Beyonce’s highly anticipated VMAS performance. MTV executive producer Dave Sirulnick recently revealed that fans of the “Single Ladies” singer can look forward to seeing something very special tonight. According to the Belefast Telegraph, he teased that it will be one of the biggest moments of the night:

“Her performance is going to be a special treat for viewers and for her fans around the world. She is one of the best performers we have in the whole entire world. So the fact she is going to have this Video Vanguard experience is a moment people are going to want to see.”

Justin Timberlake was last year’s Video Vanguard Award, and he decided to do a performance that paid homage to some of the biggest moments of his career. If Beyonce chooses to put on a similar show, it’s hard to imagine her doing so without Jay Z — he’s been a huge part of her professional life as well as her personal life.

One Twitter photo of the MTV VMAs seating chart shows Beyonce’s spot with four name-free seats beside it. There has to be a reason MTV left the names off the seats, and the most obvious explanation is that the people sitting in the chairs will be surprise performers. Three of these spots might be reserved for Jay Z and Bey’s former Destiny’s Child band mates, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. The girl group reunited for the Super Bowl, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see them together again. You could argue that Bey wouldn’t be the phenomenal success she is today without Destiny’s Child, so it would be a bit cruel to leave Rowland and Williams out of her performance.

Beyonce MTV VMAs Seating

Justin Timberlake got his old 90s group back together last year during his Video Vanguard act. ‘NSYNC performed the songs “Girlfriend” and “Bye, Bye, Bye” at the end of J.T.’s epic 15-minute performance. If Beyonce tries to prove that she has more stamina than Timberlake, fans might actually get bored with Queen Bey at this year’s VMAs.

Hollywood Life claims that Mrs. Carter will address those pesky divorce rumors during her performance, and what better way to do this than with a surprise appearance from Jay Z? Maybe she’ll also fill time by accepting Will Smith’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge onstage. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Smith nominated Beyonce and Jay Z to complete the challenge together. Bey could revisit her Grammys performance by doing it Flashdance-style with a chair and a bucket of ice water.

Whatever Beyonce chooses to do, it’s going to be hard to top her 2011 MTV VMAs performance of “Love 0n Top.” This is when she revealed that she was pregnant with Blue Ivy.

Would you like to see Jay Z and the former members of Destiny’s Child join Beyonce onstage tonight at the MTV VMAs, or would you prefer for the performance to be all about Queen Bey?

[Image credit: Getty via Glamour]