MTV VMAs 2014: Performances To Look Out For

These days the fact that MTV still puts on the VMAs on every year despite abandoning the music industry years ago is ironic. Still, MTV’s VMAs remains as one of the most polarizing ceremonies of the year. While some are criticizing the lack of talent and showmanship, others are losing their minds over exciting performances. If anything’s certain, it’s that the Monday after the show it’s all people can talk about.

Last year we had performances like Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke giving us an eyeful, which made both stars skyrocket into top 40 for the following year. We even had Justin Timberlake reunite for Nsync during his long set in honor of his Vanguard award. Now we’re on the eve of the night before the MTV VMAs awards, and we think there are a few performances to watch out for.

Beyonce is the third artist that will receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, and if it’s anything like Timberlake’s set from last year, we can look forward to hearing Beyonce perform a high energy set of her greatest hits. We’re looking forward to seeing if Beyonce will reunite with Destiny’s Child since the bulk of her hits and VMA moon men come from her time with the girls. It’s likely she will reunite with Destiny’s Child considering she performed with the two back at the Super Bowl halftime show.

Another thing we’re looking forward to seeing is if she will be joined on stage by husband Jay-Z. As we’ve covered, the two are rumored to be going through some marital problems while on their joint tour. Seeing them share the VMA stage would be the first televised performance they’ve made together since the rumors started circulating back in May.

If there’s an artist that has taken the nation by storm, it’s Sam Smith. Much like British import Adele, Sam Smith has recaptured an old sound and mixed it with something new. Simply stated, he’s got enough soul to remind the VMAs what made music special in the first place. There’s absolutely no artifice with Sam Smith. What you’re seeing and hearing is what you’re getting, and while he already has videos performing acoustically that have gone viral, seeing him perform in front of a live audience, especially one like the VMAs should be a treat.

With every year, there’s one artist that comes out the gate seemingly out of nowhere and gives an energized performance. This year we’re going to be bold and say that Iggy Azalea may solidify herself as the artist of the summer. She’s showy, has an image to sell, and she’s raunchy enough to remind people that this isn’t your momma’s awards ceremony. If she manages to make it alive in one piece she may just steal the whole show. Let’s hope she doesn’t fall off the stage like she did during the MTV VMAs benefit.

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