Oldie-But-Goody: Pete Doherty To Write “Explosive Tell-All”

I know Pete Doherty is in a band and must create things from time to time besides horrid videos, but my eyebrows raised a couple of notches when I read about his “intensely personal” autobiography that will apparently cover his torrid 18-month relationship with supermodel Kate Moss.

It makes much more sense that Pete has enlisted help from Sean Boru, who also collaborated with other famous types like Michael Carroll and Alex Higgins on their bios. Boru told The Daily Star that “The whole premise of the book is Pete talking about Kate Moss and the sex and drugs and rock’n’roll lifestyle they shared.” (I would like to know a little bit about Kate behind the scenes, although Pete I could do without.)

So poor Pete won’t need exhaust himself, use up his creative juices, or pick his brain too much, then. Close one! He can go back to filming after all.

Image: Stefan Klenke