Former Mythbusters Star Kari Byron Auctions Iconic R2D2 Dress For ALS Benefit

With every star doing the ALS ice bucket challenge, former Mythbusters host Kari Byron is taking a different way around the fundraising and awareness drive. Instead of dumping ice water on her head, she's offering up the R2D2 dress she wore for the Mythbusters Star Wars Special.

Kari is auctioning the dress on eBay, and the Mythbusters/Star Wars iconic design has already risen to over $2,000, with five days left. Mythbusters has special connections to Star Wars, both as major "nerd culture" icons, and because another former Mythbusters host, Grant Imahara, operated R2D2.

Kari Byron, formerly of Mythbusters, is auctioning her Star Wars dress for ALS ice bucket challenge.

The dress, created by Black Milk and given to Byron for the Mythbusters episode, is a medium, though Kari warns it runs a bit small. It's designed after Star Wars icon, R2D2. Kari's giving the proceeds to an ALS charity.

"BlackMilk R2D2 dress worn by Kari Byron in MythBusters Star Wars special, and signed. All proceeds go to ALS. Why? Because Kari loves charitable causes, ESPECIALLY when it cleans her closet!"

Yes, the Mythbusters host also autographed the dress. It's not just a cool dress worn by a hot Mythbuster, but autographed.

Kari announced the auction Thursday evening, before the Mythbusters season finale:

Here's another shot of Kari in the R2D2 dress, tweeted back in January when the Mythbusters Star Wars Special first aired:

You can also see more about the Mythbusters Star Wars Special here, on the Mythbusters page at the Discovery website, including the Mythbusters hosts discussing their favorite Star Wars movies and what they thought about the myths.

The auction (and by extension, ALS charities) may also be benefiting from Kari's unusual level of publicity lately, since the announcement on Thursday evening that she and two other Mythbusters co-hosts, Grant Imahara and Tory Belleci, would not be returning to the show for its tenth season. Hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage made the announcement at the end of the Season 9 Mythbusters finale, to the astonishment of viewing audiences.

While the majority of Mythbusters fans are split between heartbreak and outrage, all three former Mythbusters co-hosts have promised there are more good things to come, and fans are also excited to see where the science-minded special-effects-skilled crew will turn up next.