Will New MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Allow Pete Rose Back Into Baseball?

Now that Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig is stepping down – and being replaced by Rob Manfred – Pete Rose is hoping that he will finally be allowed back into baseball, The Celebrity Café is reporting.

Earlier this week, Rose spoke to ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap and discussed the upcoming transfer of power at the Commissioner’s Office to Manfred, and how this bodes for his chances of finally getting into Baseball’s Hall of Fame.

“I’ve been led to believe America is a forgiving country, and if you do the right things – keep your nose clean, be a good citizen, pay your taxes, do all the things you’re supposed to do – eventually you’ll get a second chance.”

That second chance has evaded Pete Rose for 25 years, ever since he was handed down a lifetime ban for betting on baseball, an accusation he has owned up to since 2004. Specifically, he had bet on his own team, the Cincinnati Reds. He has consistently denied ever betting against the Reds, and there is no evidence to suggest that he ever did so, although his lawyer has stated that he believes Rose did bet against his team, according to Rant Sports.

Since his ban, Rose hasn’t exactly endeared himself to the Commissioner’s Office, according to CBS Sports writer Gregg Doyel.

“After becoming the most notorious cheater in baseball history, Pete Rose became a buffoon.”

Doyel speculates that Selig likely took Rose’s “buffoonery” – which included setting up an autograph table near the Baseball Hall of Fame on Induction Day, and signing “I’m sorry I bet on baseball” on balls he autographed – as a personal slight.

As for whether or not Manfred will re-instate Rose – or even allow the Baseball Hall of Fame to induct him – remains to be seen. For most of his career in MLB’s Commissioner’s Office, Manfred has been Selig’s right-hand-man, according to Doyel. But unlike Selig, Rose does not have a personal history with Rob Manfred.

Pete Rose is, objectively, one of the greatest baseball players of all time. He has more hits (4,256), singles (3,215), games played (3,562), at-bats (14,053), and plate appearances (15,890) than any other player to ever play the game. He has won 3 World Series, made 17 All-Star Game appearances, won the National League batting championship three times, was National League MVP in 1973 and World Series MVP in 1975.

Do you believe that Rob Manfred will allow Pete Rose into the Baseball Hall of Fame? Do you believe that he should? Let us know below.

Image courtesy of: The Week