Hamas Publicly Executes Dozens Of Its Own Civilians While Palestinian Children Watch [Video]

Update: Ynet News is reporting that Hamas has executed four more “collaborators” in Jabaliya.

Hamas masked men shot the suspects in front of dozens of spectators, bringing the number of “collaborators” executed since Thursday to 25.

Original Story:

Hamas in Gaza have proven once again that they have little regard for the sanctity of human life, but this time it isn’t Israeli’s they are killing — it’s their own civilian population. They are now publicly executing people by the dozen for alleged collaboration with Israel.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that at least 18 young Palestinian civilians — including two women — were killed for allegedly passing information to Israel. The first 11 were shot inside a police station, supposedly following some sort of trial. The other seven sere dragged out of a mosque in which they were worshipping, had sacks placed over their heads, were lined up against a wall in a public square, and then shot.

The latest round of Palestinian-on-Palestinian violence comes after 30 Palestinians were executed a couple of weeks ago for allegedly collaborating with Israel over the Hamas terror tunnels.

The barbaric executions in Gaza, which have been likened by many to the type of executions carried out by ISIS in Iraq and Syria, throw a whole new light on the Palestinian people’s struggle against Israel, which has resulted in the firing of over 3,700 short and long-range rockets from Gaza in the last six weeks.

It seems that Hamas, as well as lobbing rockets indiscriminately into Israel, also practice medieval-style public executions, and even encourage Palestinian children to watch the events close up. Hamas also has fired a considerable number of mortars, one of which tragically killed a 4-year-old Israeli boy yesterday.

The Guardian in Britain reported that even Amnesty International was forced to condemn Hamas for their disgraceful abuse of human rights as the media reported on the Gaza executions, seemingly with the participation of Hamas militants who didn’t even try to hide their actions from the world.

Hamas Executes

Anne FitzGerald, Amnesty International’s Director of Research and Crisis Response, said to reporters:


“This flurry of executions by Hamas is made even more shocking by the fact that the victims were sentenced to death after trials which, if they happened at all, were summary and grossly unfair. Hamas must immediately and totally cease its use of the death penalty.”

FitzGerald stated the obvious when she spoke for an organization which has shown extreme left-wing leanings and whose agenda has been set against Israel for many long years:

“To put people to death following summary and grossly unfair proceedings is clearly cruel and inhumane. Hamas must also remember that the right to a fair trial before a competent court remains in force during times of armed conflict.”

But does Hamas really care? After all, it is ready to dismiss world opinion when it isn’t able to manipulate it against Israel by beaming pictures of dead Palestinians and crying mothers to further their agenda.

A man accused of being an informant for Israel is lead through the streets right before his execution.

Yet, when it comes to the public executions of over 50 young Palestinian men, the world media seems very “under-disgraced” and has barely even reported the murders, with some even hinting that it is understandable as, after all, these men who never received a fair trial were collaborators with the enemy.