India Earthquake Leaves Nine Dead, Damages Buildings in Capital

An earthquake registering a magnitude of 6.9 hit India on Saturday night, killing at least nine people while injuring others and damaging buildings in and around the Nepal capital of Kathmandu.

According to reports the earthquake which was felt by people across India sent people running into the streets. The earthquake later triggered aftershocks of magnitude 6.1 and 5.3.

More aftershocks are likely in the hours and days to come and the full extent of damage in the area is not yet known since many people lie in sparsely populated areas that have been cut off because of mudslides that were set off by the earthquake.

In the Sikkim state capital of Gangtok local TV stations are reporting that several buildings have collapsed, while sidewalks cracked under the pressure caused by the quake.

Two buildings have also reportedly collapsed in Gangtok and search teams were attempting to find survivors throughout the night, Gangtok has a population of 50,000.


According to reports the quake was felt all the way to New Dehli.