WWE Superstar Chris Jericho Attacked By Jellyfish, Will He Be Okay For Upcoming Shows?

Chris Jericho is known in the WWE has one of the most popular wrestlers the company has ever had. He is a multi-time Intercontinental Champion and the first Undisputed Champion, a title he earned by defeating two of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time in one night: The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

As for recent news here on The Inquisitr, Jericho was probably asked to come back due to Daniel Bryan being out indefinitely. It was thought he’d stay only until WWE SummerSlam 2014, but his appearance on the last WWE Monday Night RAW is good news for Jericho-holics!

It seems as if Bray Wyatt couldn’t take out the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, but maybe, just maybe, the one that does a lot smaller in stature… and doesn’t even work for the WWE at all. This is because Chris Jericho was recently attacked by a jellyfish.

For those who are not in the know, jellyfish stings contain a toxin that could shut down the nervous system, which may result in death. Some jellyfish, like the Portuguese man o’war and box jellyfish, have toxins so dangerous that survival is very minimal if stung by one. As a matter fact, Diana Nyad, the long-distance swimmer, couldn’t finish her fourth attempt swimming from Florida to Cuba without a shark cage due to nine jellyfish stings.

The question is if Chris Jericho will be okay to compete in the WWE? Jericho himself actually gives us a glimpse of his condition via his Instagram account through the picture below.

That’s a nasty rash (which may or may not look better than when the stings first happened). Also, the fact that Chris Jericho is able to take a selfie of his wounds means he may not be absent from the WWE squared circle for too long. However, it is safe to say he may be out of action for recuperation. If he does stay on WWE programming while healing, it might be more for promos and shoots instead of wrestling. Who wants to see Chris Jericho’s nasty rash on live television anyway?

As for when he got the stings, Fox Sports reports that he was vacationing at an “undisclosed location.” We do know its somewhere on the water because the “undisclosed location” was actually dubbed by Jericho himself on an earlier post on his Twitter account as shown below.

Maybe John Cena and AJ Lee is with him because they all took losses at the hands of their opponents at the last pay-per-view. In all seriousness, what do you think about Chris Jericho’s “match” with the jellyfish? Should he still be on WWE programming still, or is this a good reason for him to take a break? Let us know in the comments below.