Angelina Jolie Hit On Pat O’Brien In An Elevator

For many men, having Angelina Jolie hit on you in an elevator would be a dream come true. TV presenter and Hollywood journalist Pat O’Brien writes in his recently-released memoir that this is exactly what happened to him. Well, sort of.

According to O’Brien, he was in an elevator at a Beverly Hills hotel in 2002 when Angelina Jolie, well-known to him at the time, got in the elevator with him and the dream sequence ensued. He said, “What’s up, baby?” A top notch opening line.

Angelina Jolie winked and said, “I’m trying to find this guy I kind of know because I’m really horny right now. I’ll be right back after this.”

Being no slouch, of course, O’Brien offered himself in the mystery man’s stead. “You have my number,” he said. According to O’Brien, the two laughed and parted ways.

The encounter, according to his memoir, has this happening in 2002 when Angelina Jolie was freshly divorced from actor and filmmaker Billy Bob Thornton and before she met her long-term beau Brad Pitt in 2005. It was, however, before the finalization (2003) of Angelina Jolie and Thornton’s divorce, some might note.

Although the elevator encounter with Jolie was likely genuine, the reporting of it in the press has obviously been slanted. The reality is that the situation was flirty fun from its beginning, with the two long-time friends just having fun with one another. It’s unlikely that Angelina was seriously telling this well-known reporter that she was on the prowl. Possible? Sure, but not likely.

One can dream, though. Right?

That same year, according to O’Brien, he also interviewed Angelina Jolie’s father, Jon Voight, who, at the time, was “heartbroken” over his daughter’s odd behavior. An interview then commenced in which Voight said Angelina had “psychic pain” and “serious mental problems.” O’Brien noted that the interview did not sit well with Jolie and the already-strained relationship with her father broke and was not mended for nearly eight years.

Pat O’Brien, for his part, is a former Access Hollywood reporter and his new memoir, I’ll Be Right Back After This, hit shelves this week. The portions with Angelina Jolie were released early as snippets to gain attention for the book. The book promises a lot of fun encounters and insider details into Hollywood for those interested, up to and including the Angelina Jolie bits highlighted here.