WWE News: Shawn Michaels And More Huge Names Announced For Monday Night Raw

The WWE has entered a turbulent time that brought with it good and bad times. Bad moments like the multiple employees that were laid off, superstars were released, and the company lost millions of dollars. A few good times also occurred, like the emergence of Brock Lesnar as the WWE’s top star and the rise of the three former-Shield members.

To coincide with Lesnar’s dominant victory at SummerSlam, the WWE is about to enter into full “Lesnar Mode.” It is now his era to dominate for the foreseeable future. According to Wrestling News Source, Monday Night Raw will feature a few familiar faces, as well as WWE legends.

UPDATE: WWE have just announced a Hall Of Fame forum featuring Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan which will kick off Raw on Monday.

The focus will be on Brock Lesnar vs John Cena discussing the re-match which is set for the Night Of Champions PPV.

Adding on to the excitement came from Twitter that will get the crowd fired up, if they couldn’t already handle the appearance of HBK and Hogan.

WWE is doing a brilliant job of promoting the Cena and Lesnar feud. Although, I don’t agree with bringing Cena back so early. When Lesnar literally destroyed the 15-time WWE champion, that was something not often seen in recent history. However, it looks like they want to continue the annihilation that is to come.

Michaels, Flair, and Hogan will add that extra flair to the storyline, which is brilliant in WWE’s case. It’s no secret that all three men can sell an episode of Monday Night Raw. There is also potential of a “HBK vs. HHH” showdown on Raw. No, they won’t brawl and come full circle at a WrestleMania pay-per-view, but there could be a stare-down for a brief second that captures the WWE Universe’s attention.

Flair and Hogan

Another interesting note came from Hogan’s birthday bash on Raw. Flair reportedly snubbed Hogan that led to obvious speculation throughout the internet. Also, when Lesnar used the line of the century, “Party’s over grandpa,” Hogan didn’t take too kindly to that too.

In fact, Justin LaBar of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, talked about Hogan wanting to fight the WWE World Heavyweight championship for the embarrassing remark. Good thing Hogan had to publicize his feelings, because everyone wants to see a 60-year old man get crippled.

Regardless, that whole situation is a cry for attention and the WWE Universe just needs to forget about it. The real news is the Hall of Fame forum that will take place on Raw. This will lead off the show. Don’t worry folks, Paul Heyman will perform yet another legendary promo on three legends, instead of just one. WWE’s potentially huge Raw showcases five legends in the ring at the same time, which always provides excellent TV.

[Images via wrestlingmedia.org and SportsKeeda.com]